Deadlift Form Check Please

Might have got a few more. Have a side strain on my last insertion though. Flared up after 140kg . Can feel it a bit an hour later.

Velcro belt and different straps. Mix and match lol worked better than the expensive option
Prong belt is too difficult to take on and off.

Felt I could have sat back a bit more. My flexibility is not great

Id say is pretty good. Looks heavy so the form wont be ideal. I might like to see a bit more shoulders being pulled back but then again im not sure if you can - i have a client who has a simmilar shape as you and he just cant do it, even just standing up, so… it might be a structural difference - we cant all move identical.
Anyways, i give it 8.5/10…

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I have been told I don’t take the slack and develop tension . Probably fair I would say and hips rise a bit fast.
The velcro belt did wonders with setup but carry a slight lat strain.

Just under 400lb. It is a conscious choice not to retract the shoulders. I could be over the bar a bit more though.
Thanks for the assessment. It makes me proud .

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Looks good and like Hank mentioned anything heavy is not going to look picture perfect

These are connected. If you were to pull the slack out of the bar your hips would start off slightly higher in the set up position.

If you look closely your hip angle when you start the pull and the hip angle when the bar starts to move is slightly different. Pulling the slack out of the bar would have your hips in the position they are when the bar moves while being tighter.

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