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Deadlift Form Check Please


Hey guys,

My 1RM for deadlift is the exact same as my low bar squat at 405lbs. The video below is me doing a Dynamic Effort Deadlift Conventional.

My speed off the floor seems lacking so I think I need to work on my quad strength.

Please let me know if you have any tips!


It looks OK . I don’t think your super tight in the starting position. Try setting your lats , internally rotating elbows in the starting position, which I guess Is harder with a mixed grip. You could emphasise the lockout more too get your hips through.


Just a thought - you might avoid mixed grip on less than maximal lifts to improve symmetry and grip strength.


I think both ways are fine. Neither video has your hips up to high. I think it’s just a matter of which one your stronger with.

Maybe you could post a video of something heavier and more challenging. Then, any technical and muscular weaknesses may become revealed.


Agree, this weight felt comfortable so your form was ok I guess you may have problems with heavier weights :wink:


Looks pretty decent man. I think you could be a bit tighter in the lats at the start. Tension is the real key to good explosiveness.


Lets see heavier lift weight easy to have clean form light weight.