Deadlift Form Check Please

Hey guys it’s me again. So after getting back into dead lifts, I’ve done my fair share of research and started putting form and cues to the test. Bar over midfoot, pull with lats, neutral spine , etc, 100+ lol. But I still feel like I’m missing the gold for the silver… and my biggest issue is my knees hurt. When I see my videos, the bar rolls over my knees, pushing the weight away from me. I’m having trouble getting through the all the dissonance and opinions to my answer.

Take a look…

Your spine appears to be close to neutral to me. The second looks a bit better. You could use a more exaggerated arch but some people find that uncomfortable. We would need to see a heavier lift at least 70-80 % to see what is going wrong a bit more.

I am not sure what to say about the bar striking the knee . I focus on moving the bar and into me. I use more of a clean deadlift as my proportion are different to yours.

I think you doing ok , using the lats and keeping it close , fairly neutral spine not a bad starting position .

I am sure some better technicians and deadlifters will also respond.

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Your form doesn’t look that bad, but like most people who post videos on here the weight is too light. We need to see something near your max to see where your form truly breaks down and where your weak points are.

Here is me pulling sumo today at 405. I think I like it better. What do you guys think?

Try to push the knees out. Looks like your treating it a bit like a wide stance conventional pull.

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Yeah thats more of a semi-sumo. You probably like it better because the set-up is easier. Experiment with both and see which stance you are truly stronger with. You have a long time til your meet.

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I think hes just a big guy. His feet arent that far from the plates

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First video - looks good but you don’t complete the lift , second video looks fine. Caveat I don’t much about sumo style lifting.

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Yeah I tried going wider but feels unstable. I can probably push it another 4 inches but I risk crushing my toes xD. I think sumo ( or semi) will benefit me because I feel more stable. I just need to workout the kinks and hammer technique. I also don’t have the same power output as in conventional, but sumo feels more natural and I can lift more. I’ll probably repost in a few months. Thanks guys.