Deadlift Form Check Please. Slack Out of Bar?

Did I get the slack out of the bar? Am I tighter in the bottom position? It felt like it. I am deaf I cannot hear the bar click.

Any constructive feedback is very much appreciated.


From that angle it doesn’t look like you pulled the slack out but you did look tighter than the last video.

Only feedback on pulling the slack out is before pulling the weight and driving with your lower body, pull yourself into the bar with your upper body only. I think the reason you struggle is because you need to get super low to put your straps on and once the straps are on you ‘rush’ the pull and the set up.

Once the straps are set up straighten your legs up completely ( even if this cause a back arch), pull the bar with your upper body (not with the intent to lift it, but to pull yourself closer), when the bar feels like it wants to move off the floor= the slack is off the bar, once here then bend your knees and set up to make sure you have the correct posture. This should help with creating tightness.

I hope that made sense


Thank you . That does indeed make good sense. I will try again in a few days time. This was meant to be a set of 5.

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I felt like I lifted the slack out of the bar. I cannot tell from the video. Do my hips rise a bit slower here than in the last one. 180kg X 1 .

Still feel in dog tired will take some time out.

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That looked better. The hips appeared to move in synch with the bar so there was no moment where the hips shot up before the bar moved.

I agree it does look like you did. You pull immediately after pulling the slack so it takes a few watches to notice the split second between pulling the slack and initially pulling the bar off the ground

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Thanks I’m stoked. I am not sure I like the lockout though, although might look that way due to my proportions lol.

Would a powerboat help me add a little weight to the lift , as I get stronger also attempt more true 1 RM.


Lol powerbar predictive text lol.

That I’m not too aware on.

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