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Deadlift Form Check. Please Help Me Reach 500lbsl



Hi, Can you help checking my deadlift form of what I need to improve.

I’ve been trying to get up to 500lbs. forever which I’m sure must have done something incorrect. 500 is a really hard journey for me. My next attempt after that was 484lbs(220kg) and the bar was completely glued to the floor. I should probably step it down to 473lbs(215kg) on my next PR attempt. I’m not sure if I was using too much lower back and less leg drive or not. Thank you everyone.

My current Program is Leg Push Pull and been on it for 2 years

something like this

Leg A+B(Hypotrophy)
Push A+B (Hypotrophy)
Pull A+B (Hypotrophy)

Leg A+B(Strength)
Push A+B (Strength)
Pull A+B (Strength)

Deadlift Form Check Video.


I don’t see anything wrong with your form, I’m also on the road to 500, might just be up to your programming and time. You’ll get there for for, keep it up.


Form looked good and that 460 moved smoothly, good bar speed throughout, just gotta put in the time, what does your progression look like? (What exactly are you doing to move up your weights to get to 500?)


Notta lot to criticize there. I think you just need to eat, train and sleep more.


@A_Ren : @Despade : @knobby22

Thank you everyone. I’m glad I’m doing this right. I’ve never done a form check on an internet before.

@A_Ren : You’re probably right, time is a major obstacle… My program is 3 ON 1 OFF. Now is kind of like 2 ON 2 OFF. What program are you running on right now?

@Despade : I would probably continue my current program for regular Push and Pull. As for LegA (Squat), I would probably drop the weight down 50%. LegB (Deadlift) will be replace with “Coan/Phillipi 10 week Deadlift Routine”. What do you think? any suggestions?

@Knobby22 : I believe so, since form is not a factor now. Out of the 3. I’m pretty confident at eat, lol. Thank you.


If you’re looking for a way to drive your DL, I’ve had good results with front squats paused in the hole for three to six week waves. Has to be as heavy as you can handle, works well as first exercise after DL. Heavy DB rows for high reps have helped me to.


As long as you have some form of progression, lots of folks (myself included) just kinda do whatever and aren’t sure what the term progression really means, but as long as you’re on some sort of program (looks like you have a solid one for deadlift progression) then just stick with it, put in the time.


Maybe stop attempting so many 1rm PR’s and do some volume instead, and even set some rep maxes around the 3-5rm range. Cutting squat volume sounds like a bad idea unless you are going to deadlift at least 2-3 times a week, squatting will build the deadlift and there is no reason why you can’t increase both at the same time.

Based on your video, you could probably pull 500 right now if you were peaked for it. Maybe take a deload before your next PR attempt, but at the same time you don’t need to go for huge PR’s, 5-10 lbs. at a time is plenty and will quickly add up over time.