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Deadlift Form Check Please, 325x3





Depends on what you want out of your deadlift training really. You pull pretty hips high but that’s not necessarily bad.

Personally I’d like to see your back flatter, that’s the biggest thing. Getting your back flatter and squeezed tighter and keeping the tension in your hamstrings at the same time when you are addressing the bar will probably lead to your having your hips marginally lower (not really dramatically, but a bit) in any case.

Bar path is pretty good. You’re looking pretty far down. Head up a bit more. After you grab the bar there’s no reason to look straight down–everything else should be by feel.


Thanks for the tips Aragorn. If I start my hips lower would it help flatten out my back more? Or should I just think about really squeezing my lats and glutes and staying tight.


Rather think about squeezing your lats, glutes, and putting in an arch in your back. mild arch, we’re not talking gymnastics here. Just squeeze your spinal erectors along with the lats/glutes. Look about 10 feet in front of you as soon as you grab the bar–pick a spot.

Chances are if you just think about putting a mild arch in your back along with the lats/glutes squeeze you’ll bring your back right into flat neutral where it needs to be. Flat is what you want.

I think if you get your back flat your hips will drop anyway, so it works. And if they don’t you’ll probably be fine anyway–if the hips are the only things a little high you’ll be fine and pulling stronger regardless.


I’ll try that out this week, thanks again.