Deadlift Form Check/Advice

Hey dudes. I used to always have trouble deadlifting from the ground, but I recently pulled 220Kg and for the first time ever I had an issue at lockout. I was slow off the ground but I’m wondering if that’s just because I had to pull the slack out of the deadlift bar?

I’m not sure whether I should continue doing deficit pulls, or move onto touch and go reps?

You had trouble at lock out because your hips shot up and your shoulders didn’t (meaning your back had to round).

You basically stiff legged it with a rounded back. That’s going to make you slow off the floor (no leg drive) and a rounded back is going to make lockout harder.

If you want to continue deadlfting like that, upper back good mornings and deficit stiff leg deadlifts.

Otherwise, improve form.

Cheers man. I do a lot of stuff legged work as accessories, but I almost never do good mornings. I’ll throw them in and work on improving my form too.

If it means anything I did do 240, but it was with straps and hitching. So I’m still unsure whether or not off the floor is my biggest weakness.

Could always work on pulling the slack out of the bar before you even begin actually pulling the weight. Watch a couple videos on youtube, it helped me quite a bit in speed off the floor.