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Deadlift Form Check 310x6

Hey guys I’m currently running wendler 5/3/1 this was the 1s week i got 6 reps but felt like I had at least 1 or 2 left . just wondering any faults you guys can see btw i know I’m using the shitty hex plates wich throw off my form aswell but for now its the most convinient place since its 10 minutes away from work. im planning on switching gyms soon . ty in advance

Nothing glaringly bad. Just keep getting stronger.


I don’t think you are getting low enough. You are lifting that with mostly just your back.

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Thx im planing on that i just finished doing BBB this week. I think i will do something like second set last or first set last since I feel like 5x10 didn’t do much for me.

I don’t think im using my back at all as i always initiate the lift as if it was a leg press also what makes you think my hips aren’t low enough? My shoulders are higher than my hips but i guess maybe i can go lower . i don’t think i would take any advice from ahtlene x at least not for the powerlifts since that’s not hes specialty.

Your hip position is fine.

Only minor issue I see is bracing, when you start to pull your back looks to be neutral but as the bar leaves the floor you round slightly. It’s not a major concern at this point, but it could become one. Basically you don’t want you back to round any more than how you set up, allowing that to happen is a risk for injury and even if you back is made of steel it can cause you to miss lifts.

How come you’re taking the bar for a walk when you finish the set?


As far as powerlifting goes, you are fine. You had control of the weight and it’s not a heavy weight. Just be careful as you move up in weight.

I Enjoy athlene X.

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Ah i see what u mean i think on the second rep that hex plate shift made me lose some of my brace maybe adding a yoga mat would help a bit. i normally have my back rigid but i do see it flex in this vid thx for pointing that out . As for walking it back my gf was working in with me she is only doing 180lb so I did it to save some time between reps.

Gotcha im defnetly beeing minfull and will keep improving my form. Oh and athlene x is cool i usually look into his vid for isolation work i was just mentioning he is not in the same league as Chris duffin, estefi cohe n or ed coen for teaching the main lifts.

Yeah, hex plates are fucked up. If I had to use those I think I would stand up and reset completely after each rep, you won’t be able to get as many reps but it will prevent shit like that which should help you improve your technique.


Ditto, Go Mets!

My gym has hex plates as well, but luckily they also have a few Eleiko Technique plates. They look like these fat crossfit plates, but just weigh 2.5kg and have the same size as regular round plates. So I just slap those on before putting on any other plates. Have a look around your gym if you can work around this somehow, else you might risk some injury as others have mentioned.

Nope i wish I will be switching gyms soon for now its all i have. Fuck who ever created these things lol .

Safest thing to do is reset between lifts. Move your feet and square up to the bar. It will eliminate that twist.

So it looks like I found a way to negate the movement a bit by using 4 of the smaller plates. I places them in each corner front and back of the plates this allowed the bar to sorta get stuck In between the small crater. The things we must do to get those gains!

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Is this where all the 10s are when I need them??


Lol hey man at least i didn’t take the 45s unlike the dudes stacking the legpress and only doing knee bends.

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Types of Conventional Deadlift

There are essentially two types of Conventional Deadlifts. Let’s break them down.

  1. Olympic Lifter “First :Pull” Deadlift: With this Conventional Deadlift, the bar is driven off the floor with the legs, the back kept in a more neutral position.

The reason for the is so that back is in the right position for the "Second Pull.

  1. Powerlifting Conventional Deadlift; In this Deadlift the drive off the floor is initiated with the back and some assistance with the legs (Dr Tom McLaughlin, PhD Exercise Biomechanics/former Powerlifter).

Upper Back Rounding

Some upper back rounding is usually going to occur in a Powerlifting Conventional Deadlift.

Research (Dr Bret Contreras) noted the the upper back rounding that does occur enables a lifter to keep the bar in closer to the body’s Center of Gravity, COG.

The farther away the bar is from your COG, the greater the bar weight is magnified due to torque.

Thus, the closer you maintain the bar to your COG, the more weight are going to pull.

Upper back Rounding is fine. Lower back Rounding is a real issue.

Your Technique

Overall, it look good. However, you aren’t keeping the bar in as close to your COG as you should.

Pull Back

To ensure that you are keeping the bar as close as you can, pull the weight back on top of you. Drag it up you shins and thighs.

Some individual use shin pads other wear heavy sweat pants when training the Deadlift with this method to minimize the beating the shins take.


As he stated, “As far as powerlifting goes, you are fine.”

Kenny Croxdale

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Gotcha that does make sence thank you for the tip i didn’t even know there were 2 types of deadlifts techniques. I will keep working on it :+1: .

Its been a couple of weeks now and I’ve switch my deadlift style a bit I have decided to lower the ecentric more slowly while maintaining tightness so the damn hex plates don’t move out of place. Atm im doing a hybrid touch and go not bouncing the weight. What do you guys think this is 315 for a triple.

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