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Deadlift Form Check 310 x 12

Hello everyone. I’ve been doing 5/3/1 for 4 cycles now, I’m loving it. I also set my TM at 85%, so I’ve been hitting a lot of super high-rep deadlifts. My most recent PR set was 310 lb. x 12. I haven’t posted a form check in a long while, but I’m just checking in here to make sure I’m pulling correctly (I find that my upper back rounds on later reps, but my lower back stays fairly straight). I also don’t bounce my reps.

Here’s the video:

Any and all critiques are appreciated, thanks in advance.

If you’re concerned about your form then don’t deadlift for sets of 12 because it’s guaranteed to get ugly. 5’s or less would be better.

Your back was rounded right from the first rep and got progressively worse as the set went on, it was painful to watch. Either figure out how to set up with a neutral spine or switch to sumo, sumo makes it easier to set up and stay neutral. Also, you said you are training for shotput and not PL so there is no necessity to pull from the floor. You could do block pulls from a height that allows you to set up with a neutral back.

If your back is weak (and it obviously is) then do this exercise:

I really did enjoy pulling semi-sumo. The only problem is grip. The bar has no knurling where I grip when I take my semi-sumo position. Unfortunately, I’m not a big guy. My semi-sumo is much different from these guys.

For reference, here’s my 365 pull:

I had to spread my hands (and consequently my feet) much farther out here than I would have liked to because the knurling on this commercial gym bar is spread pretty far apart.

hook grip

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Got it. Thanks for the help. Nice lifting by the way. What program do you currently follow?

Best grip lol

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My own program