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Deadlift Form - Back Rounding Fix

I have been having trouble keeping my lower back straight on my deadlifts after recently starting training again. The weight I lifted felt quite straight forward but I really struggle to keep the lower back straight even with lighter weights.

What should I do differently? Think of pushing the chest up?

I am reluctant to add more weight until I address this issue. It is very frustrating because the starting deadlift position feels very uncomfortable, I struggle to keep the lower back straight even in warmups.

My deadlift is poverty but I’ll help how I can. I think you can sink back a lil more like an RDL position, and lock in your lats more by showing your elbow pits. The way it is kinda seems a little jammed up.

This worked for me:

Thanks for the vid. I think a problem is when I watch back on my video, I am not pushing the chest up on lifting the weight off the floor. The posture is a bit slouched when bending over to pick up the weight. It’s a problem with starting position set up.

Are you mobile enough to get down to the bar with a straight back at all?

My mobility is pretty bad, yes I can but I have to make a conscious effort to straighten out eg chest up. Its uncomfortable. I have rounding from being sat at work in office.

Show us vid of this set up. Don’t pull. Just to see if you can actually get in the position in the first place. First thing

If you can if becomes a matter of learning this position and unlearning the bad positions you are in the habit of using.

Cues an exercises are a good way to do this but we’ll get to that after

The bar is WAY out in front of you. It should start over the middle of your foot (including the part you can’t see) and should be in contact with, or very close to being in contact with, your legs throughout the lift. That’s the main problem I see. Not sure if it will fix the rounding issue but I imagine it would help as holding the bar out in front of you puts huge strain on the lower back.

Watching that video, it doesn’t even look like you’ve locked out any of those deadlifts.

Imo @guineapig is on the right path to help you.

Forget specific cues -google “kinesthetic awareness”, you need to develop that first -for any type of lifting to be honest.