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Deadlift Form Advice



I am starting power lifting after three years of being a bodybuilder. And actually having great results. But I just want to check if my deadlift form is good or bad? I feel like I have a little bit of roundness at my middle back. But I heard that is okay if it is not much.

Can you check my form and give me some advice on how to achieve the best form.

Thanks in advanced :slight_smile:


https://youtu.be/zR6441fFLdo this helped me. I see your pulling the lats tight technique, and works for some, I found since I’m not an Olympic lifter and haven’t trained that specific motion that it was very weak and would lead to more excessive rounding as the weights increased. Spend time and train them and that motion can take awhile, but there is the shoulders forward technique. The vid explains.

Looking at the conventional, fool around with different heights of your hips, maybe a little higher starting? When the bar reaches mid/top of your knees, really focus on thrusting your hips forward into the bar.

Nice energy in the lifts!


You are setting up with your back straight but rounding before the bar leaves the floor, and then rounding a bit more and tipping forward as the weight goes up. You need to learn to get tight, brace your abs and use your lats. Spinal flexion under load is one of the best ways to injure your back. Some people can get away with deadlifting with a round back, but usually they are able to maintain lumbar spine position from start to finish. Even like that, it can eventually lead to injury.

And it’s not just “a little bit of roundness at my middle back”, your are rounding more in the middle but your lumbar spine isn’t neutral as well.


Your sumo is pretty bad the timing is off. You are not coming tight enough to your body. You are leaning over and using your upper body to muscle it up.

As mentioned keep your back neutral this is most important, you are rounding too much. Bring the bar tight to your body as possible. You want to think more so of leg drive lean back hip thrust. Your shoulders are out of synch with your hips,Try to get your ass lower and initialize the lift with maximal leg drive keep your back straight as possible, hip thrust+ victory. Get lower for you sumo especially

Bar over your heels or middle point of your feet. I feel that your hips and shoulders should be moving towars the ending at the same rate and not one way before the other just my opinion.


You need to be really careful about your back. Upper back rounding is generally not an issue but middle and lower is.

I’ve found a good cue is to point your ribs at the floor. For sumo especially, sit back more and lever the bar off the floor with your hips. Don’t use your back so much.

Do a bunch of GHR to get your hamstrings up to speed. Also some heavy rows, probably plain old vabrbell rows with a fairly horizontal torso.


Lose the belt, drop the weight and learn to externally rotate your legs to push your knees out if you want to continue doing sumo. On every single set, you aren’t using your hips properly and this causes your hips to automatically shoot up and load up your hamstrings and lower back without really engaging your quads, hips and abs at the bottom of the lift. You’re missing out on gains. IMO, losing the belt for now will help you learn to use your hips without distractions and it can be added once you figure it out.

Finish your squat sessions with wide stance squats - as wide as you can go while still feeling your hips loaded throughout the entire movement. Start off with the bar for a bunch of reps and focus on creating tightness and stabilizing your knees with your hips. Add weight over time. It will take time for your hip strength to catch up to your back and leg strength so you’ll have to be patient. Pushing too fast won’t help. Learn how to use it before you develop the strength. Apply the mind muscle connection you learned from bodybuilding.