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Deadlift Form Advice

Looking for advice on my DL technique form, am new to training and have just started training hard last 6-7 months after being sick with a liver virus and low T levels which are all resolved now.

I weigh around 83kg and weight is 147.5kg here doing 5 3 1 and this was for 3+ had got 7 reps for it on the 1+ month before but felt bit weaker/slower in general, I am doing mostly rackpulls, hipthrusts, heavy core and grip work for my assistance work, looking at video I feel as though need to strengthen hips and bring them through faster? Any advice would be great, would love to pull 200kg soon


A few tips that may help, though I am by no means an expert:

Good stuff:

  • You reset every rep, which is great and ensures you’re performing a DEAD-lift.
  • You keep the bar close to your body


  • You’re pulling a lot with your back, which isn’t necessarily a HUGE problem (a lot of big deadlifters pull with a slight round), but honestly at the weight you’re pulling I would expect your back to be a little flatter and hips lower. If you don’t get your hips lower and force your knees out, you won’t be using much leg drive, which is what you really need to break heavy weights off the floor.

  • Screw your heels into the ground and focus on pulling the weight back. You seem to do well with this through the first half of the movement, but you don’t seem to finish with the same focus. Keep pulling your head back and focus on tihgtening your glutes all the way through. This’ll help you finish strong.

Anyway, hope these help, and good lifting.