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Deadlift Form Advice

I’m trying to do deadlifts with perfect form but I can’t seem to do them correctly no matter what. All help appreciated, thanks!

More videos with better camera angle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfK1SnRNSgI

  1. Initiated the pull wiht arms fully extended. You will see that as you start pulling only then do you fully extend. Flex the tris.
  2. IMO jerking is also not the best. Build tightness and power then pull powerful but controlled.
  3. Slight loss of lumbar integrity. Brace the abs tighter and again, don’t jerk.
  4. Hips are a bit high. Original position is OK but you let them move a bit at the start.
  5. You look like your build would do well pulling sumo. Think about it and try it.
  6. Do mobility of rear chain. You should be able to grab the bar with straight legs and maintain lumbar integrity. Don’t think you can do that and fixing it will help with positioning and loss of lumbar integrity.
  7. Hard to tell from video, but you seem to not always get a good breath. THis will help too.

Overall really not bad form though like you said, not perfect.

Awesome man, thanks :slight_smile: Will work on it! One thing tho, If I lower my hips anymore won’t my shoulders be behind the bar? Thanks