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Deadlift Form 90%


Hey guys. I’ve been training for about 2 years now and wanted to get some feedback on my deadlift form (This is the first time I’ve recorded). My current max is 500lbs (roughly about 9 weeks ago). I’ve been following Matt Kroc’s Simple Deadlift program for the past few months. This is at 455lbs around 90% for a single. Thanks for any advice you can offer.



I always like to end on a good note so I’ll start with what could use improvement.

As soon as the weight leaves the ground, you hips rise faster than your shoulders. Basically, the instant the bar leaves the ground you turn what’s a good start into a Romanian deadlift with 455lbs.

Some more quad strength and maybe glute/hip strength could help here. I like front squats for developing this because if your hips rise faster than your shoulders by much at all you’ll the dump the bar.

I also like doing beltless work from a slight deficit. I find not using a belt naturally forces me to remain more upright during the lift and the deficit gives a little more ROM to use my quads so I can develop them.

Here’s the good.

Your back stays fairly tight. At least I don’t see your torso bending or folding so your hip hinge mechanics and back strength look okay to me at that weight


Looks like you set up with a slightly rounded lower back, it only goes to neutral when you lock it out.