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Deadlift For Hypertrophy


Does anyone here do deadlifts in a rep range to induce hypertrophy? I recently did the base meso for smolov with deficit deadlifts and ended up gaining 5 pounds. It seems my body responds better to higher rep ranges.

I ended up with a minor back injury though... I was thinking a good alternative to this would be to get a trap bar, and try to gain mass with it.

Has anyone here used deficit trap bar deads, used it in a higher rep range, and got decent results with it? The problem with squats and straight bar deads is that with higher reps, form breaks down and I hurt my back. With a trap bar, it's much easier to keep form.


What rep range did you use? I did a very hard 20 rep set once.


I've never trap bar deadlifted, but I use convential deads in an 8-12 rep range (sometimes 6) for hypertrophy. I love deads and feel that they've helped my back greatly.


My range on rack pulls is from 6-25 maybe more. The higher end is during my drops when I'm working with 135 again. My workload I keep around 6-14. Thats what I've found that works for me.


I was mainly looking for opinions on the trap bar. It seems like everyone says trap bars are good for beginners, and they say they never really got into them. For me though, it just seems like a way to maximally work the legs without worrying about form breaking down.

I'm wondering why people steer away from the trap bar.


Well, I used convential deadlifts because when I deadlift I'm using it as a tool to get my back bigger and stronger. I'm not deadlifting to focus on my legs, I squat and RDL for that.


Rack pulls, throw the trap bar in the trash


hi-rep dl is best done as romanian, i often alt romanian hi rep w/ dl from the floor hi weigt, and have seen great results From 3 plates to 425 since mid-december.


Stick to 4-8 reps and as long as you're adding weight on a regular basis, you'll get bigger.


Trap bar Deads seem more like a back squat to me as far as mechanics go. It hits your whole leg pretty well. Doesn't work out your back quite as much as conventional deads.


x2. It's really just a squat that you're holding on with your hands, rather than on the back.

A true DL has a slightly different mechanics


I agree, Rack pulls are excellent.


Yeah its become my fix all answer. lol Q. GB what is wrong with the economy? A. You need heavy rack pulls in your training.