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Deadlift Expectations?


After year one is completed, is there an estimate of how much dead lift weight a 225 pound guy is going to add to their dead lift by the conclusion of year two.

I took several months off. If i can get back to 405 in 5 weeks dead lifting twice a week Monday and Friday looking for 5 pounds per workout i'd be back to 405 at the start of dec. Figuring April as the deadline i'm looking at 5 months and i have to set a goal. Since i missed a lot of time of the year i'm likely going to set a goal of 450 x 5.


There is no way this can be predicted. Train as hard as you can and make as much progress as you can as fast as you can.


[quote]T3hPwnisher wrote:
There is no way this can be predicted. Train as hard as you can and make as much progress as you can as fast as you can.[/quote]
Yup. Just bust your ass in the gym, train smart and see where it takes you.


unpredictable. your gains will be directly related to your

  • hormones
  • programming
  • intensity
  • diet
  • rest
  • consistency
  • luck
  • internal motivation
    (in no order)

The more of these you put together the better you will be. I think some of the biggest mistakes I made the first two years was

  • using too much weight for training
  • bad form
  • no diet knowledge
  • not sleeping enough
  • too much rest in between sets
  • not building up my weak points, focusing too much on the big three lifts and not bringing up my weaknesses.

Good luck, post a vid. Here is my new one. I am at year three and I could care less how it matches up to another lifter in their third year. I am working hard and doing my best, that is all that matters.

deadlift 455 new pr


to answer you question I have gone up between 40 and 70 pounds per year. My gains are faster in the start of year 3 than any other time. The reason is I train a lot different than when I started. People say you get the most gains when you start, not me, I didnt know Westside Barbell from a Yoga Ball.

So if you stay in it you will gain. Finding people who are stronger than you and working with them will teach you as much or more than this site . . . and this a an awesome site. For me training partners have been a big difference. Josh Bryant told me “When I go to church there are 1000 people there, half of them women. I dont know all the women but they seem like fine women someone would want to be with. Out of 1000 people I cannot find a single person I would want to train with.” A good training partner is harder to find than a good woman.