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Deadlift Everyday

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Interested in this one.


This log could become quite interesting, would you like to open up a bit about why you are doing this, what are your goals etc?


Yeah. Out of the Squat, Bench, and Deadlift the deadlift has been my favorite and the strongest of the 3 from the start of my powerlifting career

-1st power meet when I was 23 years old
*Deadlift-525lbs (beltless sumo)

Now 26 years
I’ve improved my squats big time due to squatting everyday or Bulgarian either way which took my squat from a 425 to 505lbs and still currently sitting at the 500 mark

Bench stalled around 275-300lbs for a long time so started benching 5x a week shot up to 345lbs and currently holding there

So a couple of weeks ago I had the idea why don’t I try to deadlift everyday for 100 days no excuses and see what happens… It worked for the other two lifts …why not this one as well.

Goals: Deadlift 800lbs and in the process hit 4x my BW in a lift. Testing dead lifting everyday I’m looking for a 20lb increase minimum by the end of this Conventional/Sumo

Current Best
-Conventional Deadlift 550lbs Stiff Bar/
Beltless 525lbs, Flex Bar 600lbs.
-Sumo Deadlift 635lbs Stiff Bar/585lbs beltless, Flex Bar 670lbs

Also as a bodybuilder my backside is a weakness hoping this could build up the hams and back as well.


That’s some solid reasoning, I’ll definitely be following along!

I’ve used very high frequency training myself too and it really works

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All that sound, logical stuff aside, one thing begs reasoning…

Why did you choose to name yourself after Daniel Craig from James Bond?

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Well Craig is my last name and 7 is my favorite number… I always get asked that question an in all honesty I’ve never even watched 007 …played the game on 64 when I was little but for movies never seen them

-side note I do my best to stay with my grip, but with my hook grip I usually tear open my hands so trying to save some for the other lifts as well.

These were actually fun! Defiantly not easy but fun

Diggin the Chicken Fries shirt!

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You. Are. Dead. To. Me.

Hahahah jk I am really interested in your log too. Nobody ever deads every day.

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The goal was a DM of 2 reps,but i was feeling really good and after the 2nd rep I thought why not 3 so that happened


My back exploded just skimming through this. You are crazy and good luck.

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