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Deadlift Epic Fail



I couldnt post the video for some reason. Maybe someone else can figure it out. Not sure if this is a repost, but im sure those who havent seen will appreciate. 315 lbs-hunchback-deadlift to face-plant??? Havent tried this one yet.


Yeah, it was posted quite recently here, although I can’t recall where.


going face first in the dumbbells is always a fear of mine.

Passed out or not.


guy performing the dead lift is on T-Nation and speaks about it in this thread


thats some scary shit. I almost passed out the first time i did the DL but managed to sit down before something like this happened.


ive come close on leg press. ive puked a couple times after working out.


TRUE STORY…I was about 25yrs old and doing heavy barbell shrugs in the cage.

I had just re-tide a pendent I had around my neck with really strong Rawhide cord prior to going to the gym, well as I pumped my neck muscles and traps doing shrugs the Necklace became tight and next thing I know it all goes black and the bar crashes down to the safety bars in the Cage with me sitting on it.

My partner just goes what the Hell!! and a few moments later I come too after my neck eases.


Wow…he kamikazied straight to the dumb bell. That is scary…