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Deadlift Early or Later in the Week?

If I wanted to program a dead lift focused day into my routine, should I program it before or after a total back day?

Probably before. Since the deadlift taxes your back alot, you’re not really going to be very edficient deadlifting after back day. Or just deadlift on back day instead with maybe some other leg assistance as well as back.

Why do you need a “total back day”? Most bodybuilders who deadlift do so on their back day, if that’s the kind of training you are into then do it like that. Otherwise don’t bother with back days.


I’m a big fan of working back during my bench and squat sessions, rarely giving it it’s own day. However, whenever I deadlift, I usually rest the day before and/or after since it’s so taxing. I’m sure you know this, but putting everything you have into 5x3 or 5x5 deads drains your soul. It’s brutal. If you have enough energy to hit back afterwards, great.

I’ve found that it’s easier to throw in some RDLs or good mornings on a leg day and pull ups or rows on bench days. My opinion/experience

spot on man, for a while there i was doing deads on a monday then wonder why id never progress on the session i had the next day- i was just so taxed lol. the first day i started deadlifting in my routine, i fell asleep the next day as soon as i got home from school. iv now switched deads to friday and that gives me the weekend to recover instead of deads on monday.

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You need to present more context for anyone to be able to confidently answer the question, but Chris addressed it well. If you’re training ‘like a bodybuilder’, I don’t really believe the order matters much, but depending on how you deadlift, you should put it with either legs or back. I’m having trouble imagining a good training template that has a dedicated deadlift day AND a dedicated back day. That seems unusual.

Perhaps you could share a little more about your goals, and a bigger picture of what your training looks like, and we could give better advice.