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Deadlift Downward Motion Procedure


According to Pavel Tsatsouline one should return the bar to the ground in the deadlift by what amounts to throwing it to the ground. As a means of reducing pressure on the back, I think this technique makes sense. Unsurprisingly, though, when I do this in the gym I get the "what a moron" looks from my fellow lifters.
How do my fellow T-Nation contributors perform the downward motion in the deadlift?
Thanks in advance.


When you lift in Pavel's gym, you can toss the weights but generally speaking, they should be lowered under control out of respect for the equipment unless of course you are using bumper plates which I assume, from the looks you say you get, you are not.

Parenthetically, although not a counterpoint to Pavel's advice, in a PL contest, you must lower the weight under some control - you cannot just drop. So, most people, without training on bumper plates, are not accustomed to people just dropping weights - and I'm sure no gym owner appreciates this!


I've just started deadlifting in the last couple of weeks. As I workout at home, I don't have much desire to punch holes through the ground.

I have my training partner assist me in a slow, eccentric, return to the ground of the bar.

This is definately the best solution that I've found so far; when trying for your 1RM, carrying out a controlled descent of the bar alone is pretty damn tough.


Have you done reps with the deadlift? These generally imply doing the lift, reversing the movement until the bar touches the ground, then doing another rep.

However, on max days, I just do the best I can to put the weight back down, though the grip invariably will start to fail.

I've never seen a deadlift "dropped" in my gym... and I'm not going to be the first to do it (at least not on purpose).


I would avoid throwing a heavy bar to the floor. It's not like pavel is going to come and sniff your panties if you just put down the bar in a controlled way that demonstrates (IMHO) more strength than, frankly, pussing out at the end of the rep.


Pavel does not recommend 'throwing the bar down.' If memory serves, he recommends returning it to the ground quickly but with your hands on the bar. This makes a lot less noise than simply dropping the bar, with little or no risk to the back.

If I was going to pull a max dead, I certainly wouldn't lower it slowly.


No one really cares if it's under control in a PL contest, just keep your hands on the bar as you lower it. This applies to the gym as well. Lowering it under control is bad for your back and bad for your workout.

If they give you dirty looks, fuck em. Until management TELLS you to stop dropping weights, it doesn't matter. And if they do you might want to look into a gym that respects the rights of lifters instead of the complaints of the people who went there for a nice relaxing workout while listening to soft rock.