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Deadlift Destruction


Today began testing 1RM getting ready to commit suicide via shieko next week and decided to do dead today feeling GREAT. Currently 19 yrs old and Before my lift weighed in at a hefty JACKED 168lbs. :-P. It seemed pretty easy, but broke form and let ass creep a bit.


Damned solid lift for a skinny kid. Nice work!


i am questioning my own eyes, but is that raw? either way its a sweet ass lift. i am in the 240s and only put up 20more lbs with some tight briefs on..

great job man. congrats


Funny you ask, yeah thats just a belt, obnoxious amount of chalk and pure death metal. In the race to 600 thread i asked if it had to be RAW cause im ordering a pair of briefs so i dont destroy my hip doing sheiko in the coming months. Im getting ready to compete in a BIG RAW meet in Apr so we will see how it all pans out.


great lift. Hard to tell due to video quality, but it looked like you were using straps... do you train with them?


Sick pulling... you damn 165'ers wreck my head with your good deadlifts! (my training partner pulled 560 at 165 a the WPF world champs last year!!)

What are your other lifts like??


That lift was with straps, HOWEVER i do not train with them in my lifting blocks. I only used them there to make sure it wouldnt slip. Whenever i would pull over 5 i would use straps so i wouldnt drop it


My other lifts by themselves are good, but just fall balls in comparison to my DL. My current bench is ~300 (believe it or not im not a fan of the bench) and my squat with knee wraps is 435. below parallel to make clear. Ill be doing "official" maxes in the coming week for the bench and squat so ill be addin those vids eventually as I complete them.


Great pull.
If you don't mind me asking, how old are you, pipes?
I'm pulling about 370 at 165 at the moment, am just looking for a reference point to compare myself to i guess.

Edit: nevermind i'm an idiot. Gotta work on reading comprehension.


HA, thats fine blaze im the same way. watch the vid skip to last post, evertything in between just filler. :stuck_out_tongue:


Man at 165 those are fine numbers.

Not too far off a 2x bench and over a 2.5x bodyweight squat raw is none too shabby!


Ahh thanks i have been working my ass off REALLY hard. Im entering a big competition in April RAW and dont want to look like an ass so I am working my best to post some serious shit. Question though. Im going to do sheiko in the coming week or so, and ive been told it will be hip obliteration doing it RAW. You think i should get some briefs to wear during it or just go in it raw and take an extra day or so off when needed?


i can not comment on whether you should wear briefs or not for Sheiko, especially considering you are going to be doing a RAW comp, but I will say if you do decide to get some briefs- do something like singleply inzer power pants.

They are like 30bucks and i use them for my "raw" work just to keep my hips warm. i dont feel like i get any carryover as mine are loose enough to slide right on.

however, i am going to be doing my next comp in gear, so it is ok for me to train in gear. if you do get them, you will have to phase out of the briefs as your meet approaches..


yeah thats the other thing. I wouldnt want to be getting too comfortable training in that stuff and then strip the badboys down and just have a beat week out of them. I like what you did though, so ill prob look into getting them a lil big just for some warmth as you said. thanks


amazing job man, inspiring for someone my weightclass :stuck_out_tongue:

what does your vertical jump look like if you dont mind me asking


I'm in week 8 of my first 13 week Sheiko cycle, and I haven't had any hip problems at all. I'm training raw as well, and don't use briefs. Are you doing the 13 week cycle? If so, the first week is a conditioning week, and the next 4 are reduced volume to get you used to the training frequency. Just curious what makes you think you would need them now?


Nice job Pipes, that's a killer dead.

Well over 3x bodyweight. Brutal! Keep it up man, its gonna be cool to see where you are at in a couple of years. Setting records, hopefully.


Very impressed. For your size that is a beastly deadlift.


Solid lift. I'm jealous.


That was the cycle I did plan on using, and the thought of using briefs is more of a mental thing. What makes me weary is pretty much all my friends who squat do 1/4 of MAYBE half squats of dumb weight. I shed off literally 200lbs of what they do and just keel over hitting proper depth. Take off even more weight (so now their 450 squat is 225) and they pound a painful ten then hurt themselves in their hips. I guess now that im pushing so much weight I just wanted a little "insurance" so to speak to keep my mind at ease.

But maybe im being a bitch. I did some pretty heavy singles today and the hip didnt bother me at all. So hows the cycle feeling on you now? I read the volume can be a bitch and guys would have to lower their load or take an extra day or so off, is that the case with yo?