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Deadlift Destruction- Pipes Resurrected

My goal was set to hit 500 DL for this upcoming SSA meet. Today, 1 week before the meet I did a mini weigh-in inside the bathroom and went into the town gym for a max out. I not only got my goal of 500 but decided to shit on it, pulling a new all-time PR of 515! Nothing but a belt pulled that shit up.!!!


good job man.

the deadlift- 19 years old as of Sept. 22

Great strength for only weighing 162. Over 3x your bodyweight!

thanks guys, trust me after that video i wanted to jump 5 feet in the air, but i was just soooo gassed lol. Can all yo guys see the video? it doesnt work for me lol

Igot no video. But I do believe you!! so good job!

Why would you max out 1 week before a meet?

[quote]johnnytang24 wrote:
Why would you max out 1 week before a meet?[/quote]

It seemed to be more of a noob mistake of mine. Before that I was just going to rock a pair of singles at 465 but it just felt right to know i could do it so im gonna try for a 535 at my meet

Nice job!
I hope you can replicate it at your meet, max DL takes a lot out of you. Rest and take it easy, good luck!

just posted it on youtube enjoy!!