Deadlift Descent

Hi Everyone,

Beginning Deadlifter here. I’ve been studying proper deadlift form and seem to have the hang of the initial pull. Shins close to the bar, shoulders over the bar, head looking straight ahead, hips up, drive with your heels. Maybe this will seem like a stupid question but it seems really awkward trying to set the bar back down on the ground without stressing the lower back. I try to keep the bar in constant contact with my body and drive my hips back to reverse the movement pattern of the pull but it just doesn’t seem natural. I end up doing it super slow and use up all my grip strength quickly.

Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks!

Deadlift is a one-way lift, and that one way is up. Let it down as close to dropping it as your gym will allow.

it’s tricky but as jjackkrash stated, it’s a one way lift…concentric only, no eccentric. I will say that you don’t want to get in the habit of dropping the weight (even if your gym allows this) as in most competitions you will need to demonstrate a command and control of the weight. I don’t drop it but I don’t lower it excessively slow either.

The deadlift is the one where you bench it over your head, right?

pull super fast…always