Deadlift Decreasing!

Hey guys so I dnt know why but my dead lift is suddenly decreasing over this past week. I can usually do 275 by 3 pretty smoothly and I went in today and was struggling to get it once. This also happened to me last time I dead lifted . I usually 5 to 3 sets of dead lifts and then do some seated and db rows followed up by face pulls. Is this possibly to much volume?

Also I just got dead lifting my mighty 275 for 1 rep today and feel a slight pain in back which also scares me. Should I stop dead lifting for a while or just keep trying to progress next week. Thanks guys

you need to tell us more.

Give your workout split

Give your diet

Are your other lifts going down?

Are you sleeping properly?

is there anything different from what you did the last two times you deadlift that you normally don’t do?

I am getting about 8 hours of sleep a night. I weigh 141 pounds and eat 2300 calories a day consisting of things like chicken sweet potatoes brown rice ,butter , and eggs. My squat has also been going down. I was doing 205 on squats for 6 reps and now I’m only getting it three times. I usually train chest triceps and biceps on Monday, back on Tuesday, I do yoga on Wednesdays , and then shoulders on Thursday and legs on Friday. I take the weekend off. I do throw in arms on my leg or shoulder day from time to time as well.

since your squat is going down also, maybe you should try eating more.

Also squats and deadlifts are very technical lifts and a lot goes into it to make sure youre doing it right, so work on perfecting your form.

Are you following a specific program or just doing something you came up with? if so, you should look for programs that you like and follow that.

The same thing happened to me. Hit 385 for a triple. Havbt done more than 350-360 for a single sinceno clue why. Good luck lol,

switch up your training you have hit a plateau. As was mentioned already look into you calorie balance. good luck

Try taking a deload week (lift way below your working sets) or just stop lifting completely for a week, then come back and see what happens.

Could be that you’re no longer eating enough to recover sufficiently. Could be that you’re not giving your muscles sufficient time to rest from new stress. Lots of variables.

It could just be a crappy gym day - they happen! If I’ve had a hard and tiring day at work then hit the gym, there’s a very strong chance that I’m not going to be setting any new PRs.

Maybe you didn’t eat your wheaties

Thanks guys. I might do a Deload week but I’m gonna try to increase my calories first. And I’m actually thinking of starting Ots bbb which is going to require a lot of eating. But for right now I guess I’m just doing the old instinctive training at my gym and also following my schools lifting program .

Im willing to beat your CNS is pretty fatigued. If your pulling triples week after week and Squatting for triples week after week your CNS is going to give eventually. I am willing to bet if you took a honest deload week you would be back into high gear in no time. Its a lesson Im still trying to learn but, you do not have to go heavy week after week to get strong and sometimes 3-4 days of nothing but sleep can be better than any supplement or calorie increase.