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Deadlift Cycle


@CT I have been doing a lot of the squatting cycles but I really miss the leg size sumo deadlifts always provided me. I was wondering if I could swap any high pull day with the sumo deadlift? I really enjoy squatting too so I don't want to get rid of them. Any advice on how to switch a 10 day cycle towards deadlifting is appreciated. Thank you for your time.


Make the high pull days as follow:

  1. High pulls ramp to (1,3 or 6) RM
  2. Sumo deadlift ramp to (1,3 or 6RM)
  3. Sumo deadift density work (see below)

Workout 1: 90%, complete 10 reps in as little time as possible
Workout 2: 80% complete 20 reps in as little time as possible
Workout 3: 70% complete 30 reps...

*Use the result of your 1RM for the percentages.... not the RM of that day... for eexample workout 1 is ramp to a 1RM, workout 2 ramp to a 3 RM, workout 3 ramps to a 6RM... use the 1RM to calculate all density sections


Is that also how you'd recommend incorporating standard deadlifts? I've never done particularly high volume in my deadlift training.


Thank you so much :slight_smile: