Deadlift Cues Making it Feel Hard?

Hi, so I tried tightening my lats and whole body just before I’m about to lift, and I also use my weight against the weight slightly and “pull the slack out of the bar”. What happens is I get a huge illusion that I can’t lift the weight lol, it’s a strange feeling because it’s a really light weight but I have zero clue if I can actually lift it by how it feels.

Do any of you experience this? Should I try hard as I can anyway, even if I feel that when things start getting heavy? Or is there an issue?

Every time i get that tight i feel like im going to fail the rep before i pull it and that itll be impossible to move. This is with a weight i can hit 16 reps on, 180lbs

Before you pull the slack, straighten your legs, dig your heels into the ground and tense your hamstrings. WHILE pulling the slack the way you described, bend your knees and “squat down” to the bar. Explode up once you reach the right position. If you do this right this will all happen in one fluid motion.

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Yeah i think this is something that will come with practice, i can’t wait though it’ll feel great hitting way higher numbers from form changes alone.

I think i might also push through that feeling of me about to fail in the future with heavy reps, i think ive left out reps when i had a lot more in me.

This is EXACTLY what I do EVERY time I pull

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Yeah it makes you feel like a spring at the bottom without ending up jerking the bar off the ground, doesn’t it?

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OK, hands are on the bar, weight is on the heels. I’m “squatting down” loading the hamstrings and trying to get behind the bar.

I’m going to explode at the right moment, once I get into the right position.

Do I know when this moment is? Do I “time” it? Or do I keep tight, trying to get into better and better position until the lift just happens?

Like when you fire a gun. You don’t Pluck the trigger, you slowly squeeze until… Bang! One of our shooting fundamentals back in the day was “Be Surprised.”

Are you “surprised” by the bar breaking off the ground? I’ve been doing tons of Sumo/Squat stance DLs in the power rack. My feet push Out, chest kinda up, almost falling back. Then all the sudden, Deadlift.

Am I on the right track, or just all to hell?