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Deadlift Critique

2 years coming back from back surgery (herniated L5/S1 falling down my stairs)… My Deadlift has come back a long way… I have not maxed in a while…but I am training for my first competition in January. This video was from May this year… 545lbs

I am looking for critiques, there are not a lot of coaches where I live… I want to keep increasing the weight safely… What can I do better, what did I do right/wrong what have you…


Nice speed, clean lift.

I would use a closer grip, but that’s just me.

Looks like a good, strong pull.

Looks good. I would just say to try and get your butt down at the beginning of the lift. It will allow you to use more of your quads and take stress off your lower back early in the lift. Start with the legs, finish with the back.

looks great! only tip I can give is to try to keep your hips a little lower during the start of the lift and not letting them shoot up so quickly, maybe sit back more as you look a little too far forward during the start of the lift

Thanks for the tips everyone… I will implement them into my training. I appreciate the honest feedback.