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Deadlift Critique


Just looking for constructive criticism of my DL. This was 455. My goal is to hit 500. Coming back from finger surgery.


Looks good to me, your starting position is pretty solid too. Couldnt tell if that was a slight hitch or you had to move your knees out of the way though


kind of hitched at the top. Felt like my ass shot up to fast and I had to get back under it to finish.


I am by no means an expert on powerlifting/judging but I wouldn't consider that a hitch, as there was no jerking motion or downward movement of the bar. There is not rule against shifting the knees forward mid-way through the lift. It's possible you could get called for "ramping", which is supporting the weight of the bar on the thighs, but I think that'd be a good lift with all but the strictest judges.

That being said, that's not the type of lockout to strive for, but I wouldn't be overly concerned about it if it only happens during max attempts.


From the IPF rulebook (strictest fed):

It's possible they may call you for #4, but I've seen worse ramping pass in other feds.


Thanks for the input.


Yeah it's a hard call. I don't think it's a hitch because the bar was constantly moving upwards even with the side motion.


Looks like a hitch to me, you'll want to smooth that out. It's questionable. Aside from that it looks great for a near max/max effort lift.


Nice pull, just a bit of a ramp from your knees moving forward. Like stated above you'll want to try to eliminate the tendency so as not to call your lift into question. . . especially since you easily had that weight IMO. If my knees come forward my coach calls off the lift.

Got 435 yesterday. Missed 455. Hope to get it in the next couple of weeks.


That's the telltale sign for supporting the bar on the thighs.


Looks like a solid rep to me, I'd do a bit of speed work if I were you, just to try and increase the momentum generated off the floor.
Also, noticed that you shift the weight on to your heels a little too soon, you can see that you can't generate as much force into the floor when it gets to your knees, which is where the "hitch" occurs.


Thanks, good info.


There are definitely some judges out there that would call that a hitch. I’ve been called on a completely clean deadlift because I moved my right toes about half an inch. There are some serious sticklers out there.


[quote]kpsnap wrote:

That’s the telltale sign for supporting the bar on the thighs.[/quote]

Not at all. You can shift your knees to a more favorable position to finish the lift without supporting the bar on the thighs.