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Deadlift Critique

Here’s another phone vid of mine; this time, it’s the dead lift. Looking for a better leverage point. My best deadlift was a 630 pull but now I’m struggling at 505. I think my lower back is getting schmucked due to feel and location of the initial pull.

Thoughts and comments would be much appreciated again,


As per the squat video - post up a video with a lot more weight. You’re pulling in a position that would generally be taught as being correct ie. with a nice flat back, however, this doesn’t necessarily results in the range of motion best fitting heavier weights.

You could allow your upper back to round a bit as this would reduce the ROM from the floor. It may make the lockout more difficult but I suppose it depends on were you would normally fail???

Looks like you are starting to hyper extend your back a bit, mostly on the 2nd and 3rd rep, like Weight said, post something with some more weight one it?

I bet its two points.

1 will be your grip.

2 is your upper back failing too fast.