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Deadlift Critique

Missed 435 on saturday so I figured I’d go for 430 at the gym today. To me it’s still looking like I’m not getting my hips low enough or my chest high enough which is making my lockout shitty. Any other tips/comments would be greatly appreciated

Slow it down - your setup that is. You get so amped up that you rush it and you really never get into a good position. Your shoulders are a bit too far in front of the bar, sit back on those heels, pull yourself down to the bar storing tension in your hip flexors and building potential energy, then lock the head back, pack the neck, stand up with the damn thing.

LM covered most of the finer points and I’ll echo slow down. IMO sumo is a patience lift as opposed to grip and rip. Having said that, you are really fast off the floor for a lift that tends to be slower off the floor and easier to lock out. I can see much bigger weight coming.