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Deadlift Critique


Just pulled 290kg (638lbs) on Tuesday and just looking for some critique on form. I know its hard to see from the front, but anything is appreciated. Hope to compete sometime this year. Bodyweight is 92kg (202lbs).


To be honest it didn't look like you ever really locked it out. You also seemed to hitch at the end. That being said, it flew off the floor but the lockout was a little weak. Nice weight though just work on finishing and getting the hips through.


First off, your owning that weight. That said, it looks super awkward from the angle the video was taken. take the weight down to 600 and do a side view video. I'm saying 600 because you don't need to kill yourself to check form.


Geez... are they real plates? lol

Im sure they are. Just how you pull that weight of the floor is impressive!! Rack pulls and lockout work I say.


Thanks. Yeah i have been debating, wether or not i locked it out, threw me off a little at fast i got it off the floor and almost fell backwards.


Thanks man. Was a max attempt and wasnt really planning on getting a video, didnt even know it was getting recorded. Will get a different angle next week.