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Deadlift Critique


Let me have it...

Starts at 40s...


rewatch your video yourself and pause it at second 45 and you can see what you are doing wrong. You don't get your hips down at all. Your back is practically horizontal to begin with. You are almost doing a stiff leg deadlift with it.


weaksauce...needs more reps


What jsmiley07 says. The cause is probably that you start with the bar against your shins.


I would say get your hips lower so you can get some leg drive. There are two schools of thought on hip position. One likes the hips really low to get a ton of leg drive. The problem with that is if the hips are too low, it's a bitch to break the floor and you can turn it into a squat. The other likes the hips high, because the range of motion is decreased. But your back and hips need to be a strong point to get that weight to lockout. I noticed a little bit of lumbar flexion in the rep also.


I support some of the above comments. Looks like a good morning. Get your hips under it. It should help a ton. Whether you want a lot of hips in it or not is up to you but your back is damn near horizontal to the floor, looks like a good morning. Drop your hips a little at least.

Keep up the hard work.


Thanks guys.

I think it's just been bad form enforced. When I started doing deads I couldnt get the shit off the floor, so I lifted my hips more and hoisted it up fine. I guess the main problem with that was, this is when I was barely pulling my bodyweight off the floor.

Ill post another at some point with lower hips and see how that helps. Thanks again.

  1. iPod on the wrong arm.


Haha, no, because it's a Zune...


Your shoulders are waaaaaay over the bar because you don't sit back at all. That made it turn into a straight leg deadlift.


Pic somewhat related.

Drop the hips and get those shoulders back, otherwise not too bad, there have definitely been worst form videos posted.


Haha thats a pretty good amount of weight for a concentric stiff leg deadlift. What they all said about loading the hips back and down more to get more leg drive into it. You'll also be able to use leverage better that way. Also it looks like you start the lift slightly flexing that underhand arm. Try and start with it staight. I do the same thing when I pull conventional and it puts a lot of stress on the bicep tendon and can lead to some pain. If you correct what was talked about here you'll see good improvements in your pull. Train hard bro, I look forward to seeing the next vid


Thanks guys. As far as the flexed elbow, ill keep an eye on that, though I tend to be really cautious about it normally.

Im going to try and kick the bad habit (which explains why my hams or sore as a bitch after deads). I think Ill try and start with my hips fairly low to see if I can get any leverage with pulling from the ground and work my hips up. So, shoulders behind bar and drive I guess. I hope I can throw some decent numbers on these since my quads havent been used at all haha.

Ill post again soon, hope I can get some good feedback again.


Regardless of where your hips are, your shoulders need to be behind the bar.


You definitely didnt mess with your ipod long enough. You should have cycled through at least 10-20 more songs before you pulled.

That being said, you have weak hips and are extremely quad dominant. I can tell this because you have 100% of the weight pushing through the middle of your foot (this is an attempt to use your quads as the prime mover past the sticking point). I like the grip-it-and-rip-it-as-fast-as-possible set-up that you have, I use the same technique, but you need to make sure the pull is initiated through the heel. The only way that can happen is when your hips are much lower, your anterior delts are parallel with the bar (chest is up), and you have developed some tension in your hamstrings before the initial pull. The last part is tricky but can be done by getting all the slack out of the bar when you set your hips. You can almost "hang" off the bar to sit back and be on your heels more. Learning to do this will basically solve every problem you have that I can see on this video (i.e. the weak hips).


are there any exercises that you recommend to target the hips?


Sounds like a cheap pick up line :wink:


STB is a solid puller so heed his words. The only thing I question is the quad dominance thing because I think at your strength level EVERYTHING needs to come up but more glute/ham work is always a good thing.

The only other thing I would add is the whole throw your arms up before you pull thing isn't helping.

FWIW you need to consciously pull your shoulders down (not forward) towards your hips and get your lats tight and chest up before you pull. From what I see, you don't set your lats at all and this is a problem.

Your starting position would change just by virtue of doing these two things (set your lats and raise your chest.)


Dude is a fucking deadlift machine...he's definitely someone worth listening to in regards to deads and other lifts for that matter.


Looks like your shoulders are out in front of the bar when you set up too.