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Deadlift Critique and Tips


Still working on keeping the lumbar arched, and shoulders back.... Have at it, let me know if you have any ideas on how I can fix my issues.

Thanks ahead of time. Also, ignore my friend who squeels in one of the videos, someone scared her...


didn't seem to go through...


Both looked pretty good to me. No serious problems from what I could see. The 365 actually looked better than the 345. The 345 your hips raise slightly. If anything, I would recommend that you work on being a little more explosive. It doesn't look like you struggled at all to finish off either of those weights, yet the lift was a consistent speed throughout - if that makes sense.

edit-->the lift just looks slower than what I think you're capable of.


Good lifts. I would agree with unstable, looks like you could be more explosive and are capable of more, while keeping good form.

I like the comment at the end from the girl, "That was it? wow." Nice!


Pretty good lifts, mate. Second one was definitely neater than the first.

And your friend's comment made me smile.


Thanks guys. I was going to go heavier so I guess I just wanted to get it done. I'm glad I posted both videos for a comparison then.

I always get caught up in the form (me looking over in the mirror to check my low back for example) that I forget the important shit, like grip and rip. Thanks guys. Let me know if you see anything else. That lift felt good, could have gone a little heavier. I'll try again later and repost.


A good belt will definitely help you...it looks like you're wearing a bodybuilding style / tapered belt which doesn't give the same support as a power belt.

Don't use a mirror to setup. Close your eyes if you need to and try to memorize how your body feels in the correct position.

Looking forward to seeing any future videos you have.


Money's tight right now, but that's my next investment. It seems to help a little still, not with my abs, but I can feel the tension on my lats and it helps me keep them nice and tight. That's a good point though. Any good belts to recommend for cheap (good and cheap, haha, sorry...) the econo belt on elitefts is $60... I guess I can look around a little in the forums for that if you don't have one to recommend.


First - a quality belt will likely last you your entire life. I have a belt that is a good 17 years old now made by Safe USA that I outgrew and loaned out to a training partner. So paying upwards of $120 for a Safe USA Ultra Belt or even a Bill Morris is well worth the money when you think about it.

I have an Inzer 10MM lever that I wear for training that is pushing 7 years old and it's in good shape. I wanted a single prong belt so I ordered one from Safe USA and sized it a little on the big side and a kid from Plymouth State University wanted it so I sold it to him. I decided to try the inzer 13MM Forever and ordered an XL and again sized it a little too big and gave it to another training partner until he comes up with the $90 to pay me for it. A few months ago he purchased a mass-marketed powerlifting belt off of Ebay for $40, I told him not to do it...it was flimsy as hell, double prong / cheap buckle and roller.

I actually prefer the Safe USA Ultra buckle to the Inzer 13MM forever belt. I am a proponent of owning a single prong belt over a lever...others will disagree and you can pull up the threads and listen to the arguments there. It boils down to everyone's little quirks. For me, adjusting the lever belt is easily done but it's a pain in the ass. If I'm lifting with equipment on, or want different looseness/tightness depending on what lift I'm doing, I can't really do that without taking the screws out of the lever and that chaps my ass.

So, to answer your question -
I'd stay away from the econo belts. Keep your eye on the Powerlifting Watch classifieds as well as Ebay for used Inzer, Bill Morris or Safe USA belts. If the time comes where you have the money, buy a quality belt. Even if you stop training for 10 years, you can always reach in your closet and pull out the belt and it will be ready for you.