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Deadlift Conundrum, Separate Day

In a few weeks I will be heading back to school, which means I will be switching from my gym here in town to the school’s gym.

My university’s gym does not allow any olympic lifts, including deadlifts and rack pulls (insert rant here). I will have a barbell and some weights at my place that I can use for deadlifts instead. My problem is that I don’t know how I should fit this into my workout schedule. I usually do deads on my back day, but now I will need a seperate day for them.

My current schedule basically looks like this:

M - back
T - chest
Th- shoulders
F - legs
Sa- arms

I am thinking about a few different options to add my deads in my routine:

  1. Work out six days each week instead of five.
  2. Combine my ‘shoulders’ and ‘arms’ into one day.
  3. Take out ‘arms’ day, instead doing biceps with back and triceps with chest, or biceps with chest and triceps with back.
  4. Take out ‘shoulder’ day and do anterior deltoid work with back day, posterior deltoid work (shoulder press) with chest day, and hit the medial delts on my arms day (basically splitting my shoulder routine throughout the week).
  5. Forget about doing deadlifts
  6. ???

If you were in my position, WHAT WOULD YOU DO, AND WHY? Thanks in advance for your input.

  1. NO too much in the gym time
  2. Could do this, shoulders totally do not need their own day
  3. Could do a pull push. You are probably think chest and bis/back and tris so you get more arm work in practice I like chest and bis almost as much as back and tris. If you do any type of pullover type move the tris with be already warmed up
  4. Could do this as well. I always do face pulls on chest day. Also techincally the chin up is the antagnostic move to the military press so if you are going for either the push/pull or the opposites like chest and bis then you’re at least consistent here
  5. Nope do them anyway; that’s what makes you a tnation man

Why don’t they allow olympic lifts and deads, it makes me so annoyed when I hear stuff like this.

Why don’t you just go to the gym that’s in town on back day, and do all your other workouts at your uni.

i work out 6 days a week. 45 minutes a session is hardly “too much time in the gym”.

do deads on back day or do rack-pulls aka rackdeads instead, i start my back day off with them as theyre a heavy compound lift.