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Deadlift Complex


Hi Christian,

I just filmed this deadlift complex and want to ask you, if the way I perform the whole complex is correct or not.


You can take up to 1 minute between stations; the goal is optimal performance on all lifts. I'll comment more after we're done filming.


Why did you dip twice for the hang clean?

CT if you read this i was watching Kevin lastnight on the HPM vids. It seems to me he doesn't explode much. I really pop the reps. Of course when i get over %80 it slows down. To me the OP doesn't explode much either, relative to me anyways.


Kevin had no experience in the olympic lifts and I rushed him into doing it for the video when he wasn't ready. At that time he wasn't used to exploding at all, so yeah, his form is awful.


keep those hips down!!