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Deadlift Combination Lift


I forgot where I seen this, but it seemed worth giving a shot. Basically, when you are at the top of the movement with the deadlift you do a shrug and then a toe raise. Granted, you can't go very heavy, but it seems like a good time-saver lift. Has anyone else seen or tried this?


It's from one of Don Alessi's Meltdown Training programs... pretty sure Meltdown II. I did them while following Meltdown. They're alright.


Sound's like a slower version of a power shrug. Why not give it a try. It is not going to hurt you. I think it's always great to involve more movements at one time because of nervous system stimulation


The weight that I deadlift, shrug, and do calf rasies with are very far apart. No way in hell would I be able to do this and get any results. And how can you concentrate when you have to keep changing positions for each part? I never have done wacky multipart exercises like the girls in the arobics classes... Sounds like someone just doesen't want to work hard and wants a "shortcut"... BOOO!!!


This sounds similar to a clean pull or snatch pull, just performed with a deadlift movement rather than with the first pull and scoop. Sounds useful, but I bet you would be better served doing the traditional clean and snatch pulls.


why just do a shrug?



well yeah you cant do that with a deadlifting weight


This rinds me of the lift, I forgot what it was called. The Russian Bear I think?

Basically you would load up a barbell.
1) Get into a clean position.
2) Front Squat
3) Press
4) Back Squat
5) Behind the Back Military
6) Repeat.

Kinda irrelevent, Sorry~!

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Some of those integrated exercises are good for beginners because they usually have terrible coordination and bad movement patterns.

They're good for the advanced, also.
Dumbbell squat + military press is a killer, try that. You're not going to get huge legs with it, but I think it's an excellent power and core exercise.