Deadlift Check - 315

I can’t seem to find a way to reach/find lumbar extension from the setup and consequently maintain it.

Here’s the pull (315, for whatever reason, I’m extremely weak on deadlift. I’ve hit 320 on bench for 1 and 385 on squat for 1 and I train them with the same frequency as deadlifts)

Also, when I put it in iron path, it shows that I’m pulling it backwards, which can be found here:

To make things easier (and because I want to get this fixed), here are a few stills:



Below knees:

Above knees:

Definitely desperate to do something. My bench and squat progress nicely but I’ve moved no where in my deadlift for quite a while.

If you’re going to spend that long bent over, you’re going to kill a lot of your drive off the floor UNLESS you roll the bar backwards to start the lift. Right now you’re starting bent over, and then very slowly squatting even further down, killing any possible strength you might have.

I would try to either just grip and rip (not really my style, but some like it) OR extend your hips right at the start, roll backwards, and “fall back” with the weight.

I demonstrate the style here

And talk a little more about it here

See if that helps.

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I agree, you’re slow getting into position. That’s definitely going to sap any speed off the floor. I generally find a good way to go is one hand on the bar, other hand on the bar, pull the bar into your shins, up.

Try starting with slightly lower hips and your chest up. IMO pulling the bar backwards is actually a good thing, but I’m also aware it isn’t for everyone.

Also, when you mention you train deadlifts as frequently as squat and bench does that mean more than once a week? If so, try reducing how often you deadlift. Make sure to do plenty of rows and low back/glutes/hams work, but don’t deadlift so often.

Agreed with the above advice. I’m a big fan of the rolling technique, but I did find that it had a bit more of a learning curve to be able to properly time sitting into the start position with the bar reaching my shins.

Also, more minor, you extend your neck a lot when you lift. Try deadlifting with a neutral neck.