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Deadlift Cheat?

Is having one leg over the bar whilst deadlifting cheating?

…and therefore driving the bar up into your crotch?

Cheating, perhaps; definitely nuts (couldn’t resist).

But perhaps i’ve misunderstood the question?

have you ever tried it?

[quote]lil guy wrote:
have you ever tried it?

Considering that TShaw apparently wasn’t exactly sure what you were describing, that question is a strange one.

What an odd question?

well its like a regular deadlift with one leg over the bar.

Is it cheating if I do shoulder presses lying on my back?

it is not cheating its a different exercise.

whats it called? because my weight lifting trainer used to coach in Florida and he calls them deadlifts.

Your coach obviously has no idea what he’s talking about. If he called that a deadlift then he probably shouldn’t be training people.

It’s known as a Jefferson lift. Just another version of the DL.

I thought that was a Jefferson Squat?

wow, it actually is a real lift…



yeh thats it