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Deadlift Challenge: 100 Reps of 225lbs for Time

Hey Folks,

Here is something I did on my last workout that I thought would make a nifty challenge

100 reps of 225lbs on deadlift. Unlike that stupid challenge that happened a while back, I’m not going to make a bunch of rules and tell people how to deadlift, but lemme lay out what I did and you can go from there.

I found it crucial to burnout on the first set, as this allows for a few different ways to evaluate progress with repeated attempts. I hit 41 reps in the first set, rest paused to 50 with a set of 5 and a set of 4, and then took 1 minute rests to get out the last 50 reps. I think turning it into a controlled EMOM style workout would make it faster and less fatiguing but, in turn, less challenging.

I pulled touch and go. With straps and a belt. I’m sure that upset a lot of people, haha.

Total time was right at 14:30. Looking at it now, I’m pretty certain I could shave off time on those 1 minute rests and still make it through, and I had a few more reps in those earlier 10 rep sets.

Go ahead and give it a try under your own conditions and see what you come up with.


Great, now I have to do the farmer’s walk challenge and this one.


Are you even natty bro?

If I haven’t forgotten about this, I’ll try and squeeze this inbetween programmes over the next week.

Probably trap bar. First set AMRAP, then EMOM to finish up.

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What weight would I do as a female- 100kg for 100 reps would literally take over 2hours

I genuinely have no idea. You’ll have to scale it as you see fit.

What % of body weight is 225 for you? I’ll do it based on that

Or… I’ll suck it up and try 225. That’ll make for a fun Saturday :joy:

I’m around 200lbs.

Hmm- I’ll try with 60kg

I’m glad you changed that to 60kg. I was going to tell you don’t even try it. High rep heavy DL’s can get sloppy real quick. 225 is just a fraction of @T3hPwnisher’s 1RM and 225 would over 80% for you.

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60kg is 50% and I did 25in 1 min without issue, so I should be fine

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A challenge I’ve always wanted to see done is a weight x reps challenge. As in 135 x 135, 185 x 185, 225 x 225, etc. A 225 x 225 Squat or Deadlift would be utterly ridiculous (up to the person if racking the weight/rest pause is allowed, and what the max time allowed is).

This challenge is also great too.

A 225x225 squat without racking is marvelously absurd.


I bet the ortho would say the same thing lol.


All the more reason why it should be done haha. I’m surprised someone like Larry Wheels hasn’t attempted something similar yet.

I wonder what 1RM someone would need for 225 x 225 without racking.

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12:03, i took a video. I feel sick and will regret this tomorrow. I finished 5 min ago and still can’t get up.

Great work dude. How’d you split it up?

Thanks @T3hPwnisher

25 the first one. And then 15 the rest with like a 1-2 min pause.

My buddy cheered me on the last sets. That helped.because I didn’t think I’d make it.

He didn’t think I could do it. He reminded me that I underestimated the farmer carry challenge.


I wonder if 10 reps EMOM for 10 minutes would be possible.

I’m quite possibly stupid enough to try.

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I’d say any approach that doesn’t push the first set close to AMRAP will be noticeably easier than one that does.


Awesome work man. Setting the bench mark high.