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Deadlift: Can't Retract Scapula

Hey guys, im relatively new to weightlifting in general and started doing deadlifts like 3 weeks ago. I think the exercise is really, really great and fun to do, although im not sure if will snap some shit up with it :smiley:

my lower back is fine i think, i keep my hips back and chest high which doesnt let me round my lower back. but ive heard and read taht i should keep my scapula retracted to not let my upper back round, but i simply cant do that somehow. even with really light weight like with 105 lbs its really easy for me to pull the weight off the floor, but even when i get that little bit lower with my body to pull my shoulder blades back and together and down, the moment i start to pull the weight my shoulders just come forward again naturally.

is this something serious imbalance wise in my shoulder region i should work on?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7O1aeXyljM i found this video in which it seems its an imbalance from sport activity like throwing and stuff which i in fact did for like 7 years.

any help would be greatly appreciated, thx guys :slight_smile:

when you’re starting the pull, it’s better not to have the scapula retracted as it gives you a longer reach with your arms. as you pull, you retract your scapula

The exercise shown in the video is not really what most people think of as a deadlift. He recommends a supinated grip and doesn’t worry about the elbows bending. It seems the goal is some sort of prehab/rehab. I think the trainer in the clip is advocating starting from the top and going down as far as you can maintain the posture (at least that is what is being demonstrated). I’m not sure it’s possible (or advisable) to pull from the floor with retracted scapula. If you can’t do 135, then things become compounded as you’re pulling from a deficit (unless you have full-size, lighter plates).

I can’t say whether the exercise in the clip is a good exercise, but you should just realize that a lot of the advice he is giving is not good for deadlifts in general. It may be okay for the prehab exercise he is recommending.

either way, op, please post vid of you deadlifting

well, im retracting my scapula during the lift, ending up with tight upper back at standing tall lockout position.
yeah, im really trying to get some footage of me deadlifting and also squatting, but my fked up commercial bullshit gym doesnt allow it atm, but i really hope i can get it in near future anyways hrhr

Just don’t worry about it. I don’t retract my scapulae at all. In fact I do pretty much the exact opposite. Don’t take it from me though. Plenty of guys with ridiculous deadlift numbers have rounded upper backs. Andy Bolton does an “anti-shrug” he calls it. So… I don’t think it should be a problem.