Deadlift: Breaking Up Reps on PR Set?

Good morning, this is for Jim or anyone experienced in 5/3/1

My training max for deadlifts is 350lbs

Week 1 has me doing

3x5 of 220,250,290 respectively, and for 290 I need to hit 7 reps

Somehow I find this a bit scary, can I break it into like

2 sets of 3 and then singles? for my last set, like I havent ever trained stop and go deads.

any advice appreciated

If you’re training the DL in a new way that you’re not used to, then I’d say you should set your TM to reflect that. On the other hand, I’m always a bit nervous about the PR set. That’s kinda what makes 5/3/1 so fun I think.

Embrace the challenge. Making it “easier” isn’t an option: do it correctly.

I wouldn’t beak-up the PR set into multiple sets if that’s what you’re thinking about. That kind of defeats the purpose of a PR set. How do you manage your sets of 5? Your PR set shouldn’t be much different. Personally and it’s kind of a mental thing, I can’t just touch-and-go so I pull, touch, reset & deep breath, pull, rinse-and-repeat.

You have to find what works best for you (touch-n-go or full reset). Put 135lbs on the bar or lighter if you have lighter bumper plates and do some higher-rep practice sets to help find a method that works for you.

put on your big boy pants and PULL
easy lifts do not make you stronger.

I’m trying to recall the page number in the 5/3/1 manual where Wendler says “If things seem really hard, you shouldn’t do them, because they’re scary.”

That is in the manual, right? No?

God dammit Jim, Now I am going to Deadlift a 747…

I have OHP and Deads today, I will post what I have done here, tomorow morning.

lol Its so easy to get intimidated by shit on paper