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Deadlift Both Overhand


anyone here ever deadlift with their hands both pronated over the bar. i would truggle to get 300lb off the ground but i can do 510 with the normal deadlift grip.

look at this guy


I deadlift with both hands in the overhand position, low 400lbs. The only time I don't is when I do them from the rack and my "normal" grip gives, over 450lbs or so. I like both hands overhand because I feel it helps me with my cleans, about 250ish.

Deadlifts RULE!!!


I think I get better leverage when I do both overhand instead of alternating. That also affects my grip in a negative way, so I use hooks (not straps).


I can't tell, is he hook gripping it?



I use mixed grip, but I have found that you have to be careful to switch up -don't use the same hand as the over hand every time. I got comfortable having my left hand underhand and after years noticed my left trap was bigger and my left bi was much stronger(I'm a righty). I switched one day without lowering the weight(dumb) and immediately pulled someting in the middle of my back, no biggee but put me out for about a week. I have since started alternating with each set. Oh yeah I can lift much more with a mixed grip than double overhand, and even more with chalk.


How could he not?


Brad Gillingham (IPF) pulled 380kg with a parallell grip (+125kg). Not too bad, really...


I always use an overhand grip. Up until yesterday I never used straps, but my grip ends up being my weak point. I got a personal record by 30 pounds, and did 4 reps doing it :slight_smile:


His arms look like they are about to stretch.It reminds of the guy on the fantastic four- Mr. Fantastic , the elastic guy.
Did you guys notice the 5 pound plates tied in up.
If an overhand grip worked better the the powerlifters grip , the pro powerlifters would be using an overhand grip.
I find that the mixed grip works the best
Who is hte guy in the pic? Thats impressive
Superscience lawyas has great pics or videoes.


Looks mixed to me.


Who is that guy in the pic? Bob Peoples? Whoever he is he's built to deadlift - long arms like an oranagatang (sp) and long legs compared to upper body.
I also suck when it comes to grip and always use a mixed grip.


I've always used double overhand when deadlifting. It is way more fun:) I've played with the over/under grip, it feels akward to me, but it is more secure.

Look real close at the picture. I'm pretty sure he is hook gripping it.

Also, he is really rounding his upper body, much like Dave Tate generally advises people. His legs are really long, I don't care if he is built to deadlift or not, look at the height he has to pull it.

Anybody have a guestimate about the weight? Over 500 lbs?



That guy has the longest legs that I have ever scene out side of a carnival.


If deadlifting has caused your left bicep to grow, you are doing something seriously wrong and are risking injury. Your arms should remain completely straight when deadlifting.


You want short legs to deadlift with. Less height. Short legs + long arms = massive deadlift. (short torso helps too, for the same reason)


Do you mean a mixed grip?
Check out the rotation of his elbows.


Definitely no mixed grip here.


Bob Peoples.


That is most likely a hook grip. My buddy does those and has dislocated his thumbs before. I can't stand to pull like that. He still likes it though.


Interesting that you mentioned this. I tried the hook grip a while ago and experienced some awkward pressure and discomfort in my right thumb (my metacarpophalangeal joint was shattered in a sports accident many years ago). I was wondering recently if I was the only one who doesn't fair well with the hook grip...