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Deadlift: Best, Most Effective Lift Ever?


I think so. No lift recruits as many muscles, annihalates my CNS, or gives me more elation after breaking a previous PR.

Whos with me?


I dunno, I think Olympic lifts would recruit more muscles (and motor units), or at least as many.


At 6'5" DL's kick my big arse. My overall strength has increased by major amounts since adding them to my routine. My 2 rep max is at 425, I do my 5 X 5 routine at 325 with the last set to failure. My grip gives out first. I'm training for 505 by Christmas. I agree 100% that they are the best overall exercise you can do !! Squats run a close second in my world.


after i did more deadlifting, my glutes, hamstrings, back and forearms just exploded like never before..
very happy about this


This doesn't even make sense.

"Best" lift?


I think they're pretty great, but i personally put clean& press above them. Deads would be second, tied with squats ( could never decide between them).


Depends what you mean by effective -as in effective to what end?

The point is, while some variation of the deadlift could surely fit into most (if not all) training programs, i don't consider it (or any) exercise THE best, most effective.

I agree though - when it comes to pulling new numbers, there aren't many exercises that beat the DL for the buzz!


For me its C&J then Snatch finally Deadlift.


I thought we were talking about lifting weight.....snatch is definitely my favorite


Squat is king (bc of the greater ROM). Deadlift comes in #2 (or a tie) for me followed by the clean.

Just my opionion.


Fortunately for us we train like bodybuilders and don't limit ourselves to one lift. Therefore, no one lift is "best."


Most effective at what?

Building Biceps?


I consider my self a hybrid, powerbuilder, my best gains to date in strength and muscle mass are because of it. way better then my newbie gains. when I trained exclusively like a bodybuilder. Ronnie"The Big Nasty"Coleman in many aspects, could be considered a powerbuilder. strong like a powerlifter but competes as a bodybuilder.


I agree, besides
-squat is 2 movements: down and then up, while deadlift is really only one movement.
-you can lose your head or get flattened if you miss a squat without spotters, no such danger with deads.


If you are a "powerbuilder" then I'm a Bodylifter...wait what

Anyway I'd say for pure strength then yes, deadlift. For size I'd still say squat is king...and milk is queen...


Id agree, but only if were talkin the snatch grip deadlift on the platform. done it repetative fashion not in singles fashion. other than that id say Squat and C&J.


An enjoyable lift, yes.. I wouldn't call any one lift best or most effective though - that's all relative to the goal at hand - and no matter what the goal, a lot more exercises would be necessary.

However, if the goal were to break your deadlift PR, I'd go out on a limb and say the deadlift is indeed the best and most effective exercise.



I can't say I've found much use for deadlifts over the years. Not my cup of tea.


First reaction to this post: who the fuck is that newb/slacker?
reads screen name
shuts the fuck up


hahaha it's all good man. I don't back squat or deadlift, some would consider me weird :wink: