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Deadlift/Bench Press Belt?

I’ll try it. I’ve been playing with wedging/pulling slack recently.

When I wedge into it a lot the bar kinda starts or at least feels like it’s breaking the ground and then I feel like I’m late on initiating the pull and have wasted energy just holding that slack.

The timing isn’t down right if you know what i mean.

Right before I pull. Look at some videos on my training log, I grab the bar and do a couple of hip pumps and before I do the last one and pull I take a breath and brace harder. There are different ways to do it, this is just what I have found works best for me. I used to just kind of sit in the bottom position for a couple seconds while I set my grip, took a breath, and braced, but for some reason the hip pumping thing makes it feel better.

Are you using a stiff bar or DL bar? Before I started using a DL bar it never felt like there was any slack to pull out, switching to a DL bar really threw me off at first. I think you have to pull like 700+ on a stiff bar for there to be any slack worth thinking about.

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I’ll try all the ways I guess

Noodle bar.

With calibrated plates there’s not mucho whip to the DL bar until those big weights. With bumpers it whips as much with like 400. I’m set up at home with bumpers to distribute weight farther out to maximise cheating. Will be fun to use the extra whip for a while

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Update to this thread in case anyone googled it or something: implemented the tips to breath and brace at a fundamental level better but also bought a 3 inch wide, 6.5mm thick belt which I used today. Felt much better and less restrictive if not super supportive but having pulled mostly beltless it’s straight up as good or better so I’ll stick with it