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Deadlift battle wounds

Just recently getting back into doing deadlifts!
Been a few months since I did them and the 1st couple weeks were kind tough. Weak, and just got exhuatsed to all hell. Like a friggn cardio workout!
Anyways… I was doing them today @ the gym. and when I got done, I noticed my shins had red lines on them and were bleeding slightly. Because I was keeping the bar as close to my body as possible. I just kept doing them. hehe think I left a little skin on the knurling portion of the bar. Oh well.
Funny thing is, I dont rememebr this happening @ all when i did them in the past.

Funny, I dont remember either.

God my memory must be slipping.

Sqaut battle wounds, 3 days after a sqaut session still cant walk down stairs properly or sit down in a chair easily.

~still got all my skin tho


Same thing happens to me doing them sumo-style. I try to remember to wear sweat pants (instead of shorts) on dl days–sometimes it works. Now that it’s getting cool again, that will be easier to do.

I just keep reminding myself of all the good that dl’s are doing on the inside of my body that and a couple little scrapes are worth it.

i usually have no problem doing the regular deadlifts, probably cause i don’t pull back on the bar but stright up, but when i do the barbell hacksquats, then the back of my shins and calves get nailed most of the time. they are both great excercises though. lates pk

Wear sweats, as the weight gets bigger you’ll want to sit back on 'em more. Or tape your shins, or suck it up, like I have to do when I forget sweats on deadlift day (DOH!). I have no hair on that spot of my shins, even with sweats.

Man, I dont think i’ve come within an inch of my shins on deadlifts. I probably use more back than legs though, and i’m doing traditional, not sumo.

Now hack squats, that’s another matter. Those babies rub.

Ewww, I hope you cleaned the bar!

Your skin will toughen

I wear extra long tube socks (about knee high) and long pants to prevent the scrapage. I do still get bruises from time to time, but it is worth it.

If your shins are scraped up, then you are probably using too much quadricep and not enough glute/hamstring.

Try getting your shoulders more forward of the bar to place more direct load on your posterior chain. Assuming you’re doing deads for the post chain, you’ll get more of the desired training response that way.

Aren’t your shins supposed to be behind the bar?

arent your shoulders supposed to be behind the bar (Dave Tate)?

I could be wrong, but I was taught not to start straightening up until the bar was at knee level on the deadlift. That would solve your knee problem.

I’m totally with you on this on MNGuns. Practically anytime I do any movement that requires lifting the bar from the ground, I seem to scrape my shins pretty bad. Ohwell, all in good fun.

If you want to lift more weight, yeah your shoulders should be behind the bar, as per Tate’s recommendation. Even Ian King’s conventional deadlift form recommendation(T-mag, issue 39) had the shoulders starting directly above the bar.

Whenever I perform the first pull of O-lifts or deads, the bar hits my shin… I only get cut when it’s a really rough bar. I don’t know if it’s supposed to happen in oly lifts, as I’m yet to get a decent critique of my form.

your starting position depends on why you are doing the deadlift. O lift training and power lifting training will require differing set ups (upwards pull compared to a backward pull)