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Deadlift Bar


How much of a difference does a DL bar make vs soemthing like an eleiko or other IPF bar?


Specifically I don’t know, but I’ve used one once and I never will again because it was so much easier than what we use in the IPF that it gave me a false sense of accomplishment haha. There alot narrower and super whippy so after it got to my knees it just kinda springed to lockout which is where I always fail.


Hmmm. I only ask because I got 250kg on a deadlift bar 100% raw and am trying to figure out what that really means for my IPF lifting. I guess I will find out at CPU nats!


Well I pulled 500 for a very easy single with the deadlift bar, probably coulda tripled it. At my last meet I pulled 230kg just missed 240kg at my knees. So if that helps at all, I think I coulda got 250kg with the deadlift bar to be honest. So if I had to guess 20-30lbs difference for me?


I own and train with a texas deadlift bar along with a texas power bar. I honestly think I can pull more with the power bar, but I prefer training with the deadlift bar. As noted, the deadlift bar is thinner, which gives you some more bend and whip when pulling off the floor (along with being easier to grip). This tends to save my back some in training, because the actual pull doesn’t start until somewhat higher off the floor compared to a power bar. However, when I DO pull with a power bar, I seem to get more leg drive due to the pull starting lower, forcing me to recruit my quads more.

They’re both GREAT bars, and pulling with a deadlift bar just feels “right”. I wouldn’t rule out training with one, but as you get closer to a meet, switch back to a stiffer bar.