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Deadlift Back Injury?


I did deadlifts two days ago, and I have an Iphone app (IFitness) that keeps track of all my lifts,so that I can progress steadily. By accident, I messed up entering the weight from last week, so I was lifting 20 lbs heavier then i should have. I pushed myself to do it, even though it was far too heavy, and now I feel like a complete idiot.

It was sore yesterday like usual, but this is two days after now, and I feel like an old man bending over to pick up stuff hurts like a bitch. Should I be worried, or just give it a little bit more rest. I pray I didnâ??t injure myself, and this will be a lesson to me to check my ego at the door. Thoughts?


Sounds like a muscle sprain - yes they can hurt like a bitch. Give it a couple of days, and use some Advil if necessary.


I'm sure you'll be fine. What's your age?


This kinda issue is one of the reasons i recommend folks get a joint-by-joint mobility program under their belts. Knowing good drills to work AROUND a trouble spot will 99% of the time get a person out of pain.

Your low back may just be freaking out from the load and having a DOMS fit. and that will restrict your movement. so not really a surprise.

If you know how to do pelvis neutral hip circles, and good thoracic spine drills, and some ankle/foot work, you'll likely notice an immediate release at least to some degree.

Check your toe touch, then do those drills, then retest your toe touch. see how you feel.

that's some ideas from a fifty thousand foot view.

If you don't have a program right now, i recommend r-phase & neural warm up 1.
more about these here:

in the meantime: never move into pain - reduce range of motion or load, but do try to keep mobile.


With tools like these, you can often get yourself out of such pain states.


Excellent advice!


lifting a heavier than usual weight does not automaticaly injure somebody. some people attempt deadlifts and fail without hurting themselves.
i think you just have doms. i used to get bad lower back doms after deadlift day, but i have that pelvic tilt


I had the same thing happen to me, but much worse. A lot of bed rest and muscle relaxers helped me out. I literally could not move the very next day, and was bed ridden. Definitely had to skip class that day and I left for work a whole hour earlier so I can take my time in walking! Try using Ibuprofen though since it doesn't sound like you have it THAT bad, it helped me with the pain towards the end when it was healing up.




Does it feel like DOMS or what?