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Deadlift as Two Movements. Tips?


Big problem will my dead lift. When i get really heavy it looks like its 2 movements, I bring it 2 my knees and drag it a little. From my understanding you cant do that in a comp. Any tips to get my dead lift cleaner!


If by "drag it a little" you mean "the bar stops, and I shimmy it up while violently humping the air" then you're right, you can't do that in a meet.

If you mean "it slows down a lot but keeps moving up, through the lockout" then you're normal. If you can pull it from the floor to the top without it slowing down or "dragging" a bit, it's not heavy enough.


Got a vid of your DL?


I mean i drag it. lol, ill take a vid on friday and send it to ye!


Using your thighs as a ramp to pull the bar up = red lights. No bueno.

A video would help, because it's probably a combination of technique issues and lockout strength.


Ill start a new thread Friday with a video thanks guys


Or just update this thread (or your other deadlift thread you just posted) instead of starting a billion threads all about the same thing.



Also, I look forward to this video. SRC 2011 has not had many posts lately


Ay ay captain!