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Deadlift and Whey protein

I’ll keep it as brief as I can. I have started deadlifting and really like the results. I am confused on where to include squatting now. Same day as deadlifts or split? Or will the deadlift give me enough stress? What about trap work like shrugs?

Re the whey, I live near a dairy and they sell it fresh from the cows teets. Is there any benifit in taking it like this, fresh and adding it to my “grow” shakes.

thats all and thanks in advance
Keep up the great work

Split “deads” and squats. Definitely shrugs for the traps. I do thoses, however, on back day. Power shrugs would be the best. load up the bar and shrug rapidly, but controlled, up and down.

If you deadlift heavy (especially with good form), you will not need shrugs…ever. If you use a lot of back in your deads (shoulders directly or somewhat past the bar), lat work can take a back seat. To work lats through deadlifting, take a snatch grip, but be careful of your shoulders and wrists.

I have never heard of Power Shrugs. I wouldn't sweat them unless your training for a Power Shrugging competition.

Some fun variations of pulls are 20-rep sets (sort of a pull n’ puke session) just like Strossen’s “Super Squats”, only with deads, Romanian deads with the shins always at vertical and the butt pushed back, and the infamous rack pull, which will help with absolute strength, low back power, and grip. Plus they make you feel like an animal because you can usually handle a lot of weight. Hope this helps. -Eric

I usually squat and deadlift on the same day. If you are going to compete at a powerlifting meet, you have to do them the same day. Therefore, you should train them the same day - most of the time. After a heavy squat session, your legs and lower back are already warmed up so you can minimize the number of warm up sets and stretching time. After squatting and deadlifting intensely on the same day, all it takes is a set or two of calf work and you are done with legs. Period.

When I deadlift on a differenct day, I need to spend about 15 minutes strecthing and at least 5 or 6 sets before I can start the heavy deadlifts (over 550 pounds). Saves me a lot of time and helps condition me for powerlifting meets by doing both on the same day.

I guess if you don’t deadlift too heavy, it probably isn’t a major time factor for someone to have to warm up several sets though.

Charles Poliquin suggests that squats and dead lifts not be performed during the same cycle. I definitely agree with him. My low back simple cannot take the abuse from these two lifts. I suggest just working on DL for 4 - 6 weeks, then rotate squats back in and pull the Dead Lifts out. Both poundages will go up, you’ll see great results both in muscularity and in neurological control, and your low back will thank you.
Your traps will get plenty of work from dead lifting, probably more than with any “trap” exercise.

6 Weeks ago I started Ian Kings, 12 week leg thrashing. I now therefore do squats and deads alternately, 5 days appart. I think this works great, and yes the poundages are going steadily up. JR.

I believe that fresh milk may have more nutrients but not an extensive amount. Although, if you mix your grow from Human Breast Milk you will get a hell of a lot more out of it(besides the squeezing and nibbling that it will take to extract it). It will provide you with collostrom which does a lot of things such as lean you out and improve you imune system. Many Bodybuilders supplement it in their diet.