Deadlift and Squat Technique Review

Please post any comments ( I know my deadlift setup is too long )

And deadlift

Your squat appears to be a little high. If you can film yourself outside the rack (the crossbar is blocking your hips at the bottom) that would be helpful. You need to force your knees out the entire time. If you will notice, your knees keep going forward throughout the entire descent. Forcing your knees out will help prevent this.

Your deadlift didn’t look too bad but you don’t need to over exaggerate the lockout by leaning back like you did in the video. All you need to do is stand erect. Leaning back like that could cause a lower back injury.

It is the weekend and there will be others along with more comments I am sure.

“Your squat appears to be a little high.”

Yes I work with flexibility right now, the same with my knees, I try to push them out but the more I do that the more shallow the squat is, so I think for now ( until I fix flexibility issue ) it’s better to do deeper squat with my knees going little forward

As for deadlift what I do at the end is strong glutes lockout, I don’t do that with my spine alone, is this bad also ?

ps thanks for help

Do a search for “Defranco’s agile 8” and that will help your flexibility and mobility.
A strong glute lockout at the top of the deadlift is ideal. I couldn’t tell that is what you were doing. You will know if you get too much low back involved at the lockout. Just keep working away at it and you will get it. No one became a good squatter overnight.

Ok will do the search thanks.

I would suggest working on your form more than just letting your knees dive forward so much. It seems as though you are still able to go lower, as far as the arch in your back goes.

Honestly I would dump the heavy back squat for now. If you want to squat and not waste your time do some max work with front squats so you can actually get depth. If you don’t like that idea keep the back squat much lighter and keep pushing your mobility and flexibility work.

Also, try keeping your elbows lower. You will be stronger out of the hole.

Lastly, dump the deadlifts for glute activation. They hit the glutes well, but not if you cant activate them. you’ll ruin your back before the deadlift helps you activate your glutes by the way youre pulling. you would be better off doing glute activation before/between pulls